Medical School Education

Today’s standard medical school curriculum rarely includes education about exercise and physical activity.  Given the current epidemic of disease related to sedentary behavior, it is imperative to train future providers to understand the relationship between physical activity and health.  The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, supported by the Ardmore Institute of Health and The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, are leading a collaborative of essential stakeholders (LMEd) to include Lifestyle Medicine a formal part of medical school curricula.

The ILM has partnered with several stakeholders, including the University of South Carolina Greenville Medical School and the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington DC, to further the advocacy for Lifestyle Medicine in Medical School Education. Click here to learn more about the LMEd Collaborative.



There are several opportunities to include Lifestyle Medicine in your Medical School’s curriculum. Whether as a student interest group,  parallel curriculum, elective course or required thread, there are many options. Below is a collection of the variety of courses currently being offered in medical schools in the United States. To add your program to the list, please contact:


Required Curriculum: The Gold Standard of Lifestyle Medicine curriculum is a required, threaded system within which the tenets of Lifestyle Medicine are taught to students throughout their entire medical school education.


Elective Courses


Student Interest/Parallel Curriculum: Several medical schools have initiated a student led interest group or parallel curriculum outside of the required curriculum and electives.