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This is How Much Exercise You Really Need to Do to See Health Benefits. Women’s Health. September 2016. Edward Phillips, M.D., founder and director of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School and co-host of WBUR’s Magic Pill podcast discusses exercise, the benefits, and how much is necessary.


Organize Your Emotions. Optimize Your Life.  September 2016.  “In ORGANIZE YOUR EMOTIONS, OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE, the authors, Margaret Moore, Edward Phillips, and John Hanc explain how nine different parts of your psyche work together. These emotions, or inner “family members,” can either be well-balanced and work smoothly together, or they can be unbalanced, leading to lots of stress and unhappiness.”

Can America’s Doctors Lead Us to Better Health? Medical Economics, April 2016. “It’s no longer enough to treat disease and keep symptoms at bay. Our doctors need to lead us to better health,” writes Dr. Edward Phillips and Helen Durkin.


Culinary Medicine Programs.  Health-related Culinary Education: A Summary of Representative Emerging Programs for Health Professionals and Patients.


A Parallel Curriculum In Lifestyle Medicine. The Clinical Teacher, December 2015. There is a lack of structured training in medical schools surrounding the components of lifestyle medicine. Since 2009 Harvard Medical School has addressed the absence in the curriculum by developing a student-led, faculty member-advised, parallel curriculum in lifestyle medicine.


Doctor’s Orders: Prescribe Exercise to Patients, Make Physical Activity a Vital Sign. CommonHealth, December 2015. Dr. Phillips, Director of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, provides his thoughts in this timely and important article. “Clinician’s exercise prescription is an easily learned, readily applied and highly potent intervention….”

U.S. News & World Reports. How to Exercise When You are Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Edward Phillips, MD, ILM director, talks about the importance of a sustainable exercise plan.



Is There A Lesson About Treadmills in Sandberg Spouse Death? Yes: Keep Exercising. Edward Phillips, MD, ILM director, discusses this tragic accident. wbur’s CommonHealth



Engineering Physical Activity into Your DayRadioMD guest Dr. Edward Phillips.


Doctors Dole Out Prescription for Exercise

Dare to be 100: Lifestyle’s Time 

Exercise is Medicine: An Rx for a Better America

Wellness: Does Your Doc Know What To Look For?

Exercise Should be Prescribed Like Other Medicine, Doctors Say

Your health is affected more by what you eat, drink and do than by any other factor, including genetics 

Dr. Phillips interviewed by Good Morning America’s Dr. Tim Johnson in segment called Do You Need a Health Coach?


90.9 WBUR and SLATE: The Checkup – The Not-So-Insane Workout [click image to play the podcast]

Active Lives 2015: Transforming Our Patients and Ourselves

Active Lives 2015: Transforming Our Patients and Ourselves


Dr. Rani Polak Discusses Healthy Eating on [click image to play the podcast]