CHEF Coaching for Patients, Clients, and the Public

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The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) offers a CHEF Coaching program for patients, clients, and the public led by Rani Polak, MD, Chef and Health Coach. This program can improve your health through innovative culinary education. Developed by Dr. Polak, an ILM physician, the content provides an effective and inspiring program to make healthier food choices.

What will you, the participant, achieve and how does it work?
Participants are empowered to make more homemade food in less time and to enjoy a healthy change in their life. The program includes twelve 30-minute weekly virtual meetings with a chef certified as a Health Coach.

How will it help you?
Prior to the program, you will complete a lifestyle intake questionnaire and determine your goals. During each “meeting” the CHEF coach will review your goals, acknowledge successes, discuss and identify barriers to accomplishing goals, problem-solve, and set new goals. Practical culinary skills such as meal planning, food purchasing and storage, and healthy food preparation techniques will be taught upon request using the ILM Culinary Resources Center.

Participant Testimonial: "CHEF Coaching with Rani has been a wonderful experience! Just the skills I learned to batch cook and use my freezer to cut down on cooking time made the experience worthwhile. With Rani’s support, I was able to experiment, try new cooking techniques, and realize what I liked to do best in the kitchen so cooking didn’t feel like such a big chore. I also appreciated the recipes and the ability to ask a real chef my most basic cooking questions. In addition to cooking, we ended up working on some of my other goals. The weekly support during the program with accountability and follow up was a tool that helped me progress to where I wanted to go in areas beyond the kitchen." - Stacey Funt, MD

Questions & Answers

Q : Will the CHEF Coach guide me on how to cook?

A: The focus of this particular CHEF Coaching program is to empower you to eat more home-cooked food. Cooking instructions will be given upon request.

Q: What if I will need more instructions

A:  Please visit our reviewed Culinary Resources web page  for healthy recipes and video clips.

Q: Where can I find printed material?

A: Download the CHEF Coaching brochure.

NOTE: Interested in participating? Contact us to learn more!

More Information

For more information about the CHEF Coaching program contact:

Phone:  (617) 651-2433


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