Tools and Resources

  • Institute of Lifestyle Medicine CHEF Coaching Program. Click here to learn more and register.
  • The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative (LMEd) offers leadership, guidance, and resources to advance the adoption and implementation of lifestyle medicine curricula throughout medical education. Learn more and join the conversation. The ILM is a strategic partner.

General Resources

  • The True Health Initiative is a coalition of world-renowned health experts committed to cutting through the noise and educating on only the time-honored, proven principles about lifestyle as medicine. Meet over 300 members of the Council of Directors and learn more.
  • The Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance represents the convergence of lifestyle medicine professional associations from around the world, uniting under one banner for the purpose of collaboration, shared knowledge and best practices, and to more compellingly convey the power of the lifestyle medicine story—a story of health, hope and healing for one and all. Lifestyle medicine leaders of all nations are working together to decrease the global pandemic of non-communicable disease. Learn more.
  • The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine (AJLM) is a peer-reviewed bi-monthly resource for practitioners seeking to incorporate lifestyle practices into clinical medicine. AJLM provides commentaries and research reviews on nutrition and diet, cardiovascular disease, obesity, anxiety and depression, sleep problems, metabolic disease, and more. Click here to learn more.
  • The Medical Fitness Association (MFA) is a non-profit professional membership association and is the only organization dedicated to the medical fitness difference and integrated care as the prescription for better health. MFA serves facilities and professionals who are committed to promoting the benefits of health and fitness programs on lifestyle-related disease and making medical fitness programs and services available within their community. Learn more.

Culinary Tips and Tools

Stress Management and Relaxation Tools (courtesy of the Benson-Henry
Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital)

Coaching Tools

Nutrition and Weight Management Tools

Physical Activity Tools


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